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So here we are…..STILL on the battlefield of this world…the war wages on…The evil one STILL roams about seeking who he can devour….and most people we see are blindly going about their lives at risk of not only succumbing to the evil; but worse!, spending all eternity in that darkness of separation from God.

When I was first in the military, there was no such thing as NVGs or Night Vision Goggles! Pictured below are a model even civilians can purchase now!Image result for NVGs

No, we had to rely on the good ol’ peepers that God gave to all people! Things have improved greatly for the soldier. Well guess what?!!! Long before the dawn of time, God had a plan for His “soldiers”. He KNEW that Satan would want to destroy ALL humans! Why, you ask? WE are God’s creation – made to have a PERSONAL relationship with Him through Christ – for all eternity! You know that gift is available! You KNOW that for those who are called to His purposes and kneel daily before the King of Kings; that we can dwell forever with Him. But wait!!! It gets better! Act now and He won’t just “send” you that gift of eternal life..and remember supply is NOT limited. The Gospel says that WHOEVER calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!…but WAIT!!!! there’s more! Every single warrior for the Lord is also provided with spiritual “night vision”! Really? YES!!!

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God asks us to be wise. To me, that means keep a sharp eye out for satan’s evil plans. Use Scripture and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the free gift of “night vision”. I have said often in this blog that warriors have to count on each other. We are NOT in this fight alone! Not only does the Spirit fight in us and alongside, but we are divinely tasked to carry one another’s burdens.

The night is fast upon us. We see moral absolutes destroyed almost daily. People around us think they can mock God and turn from Him. NO!! There is a price to pay for that. Walk IN the light of His presence every single moment of every day. When we do that, He sheds in light on what to watch out for. Don’t be a battlefield casualty! STAY in Him.

Just as an aside, it is good to be back doing this blog!


How to handle”Down time” as a Soldier


“Any missions on the board, Captain?” This was a question; that even if asked once by our unit, was asked one time too many! Strange as it may seem to any civilian reading this; to a soldier, down time meant idle time. We all know the oft cited old adage about idleness being the devil’s tool! Now, before you go off on me and think all soldiers are a bunch of gung ho killing machines, permit me to ask you how you handle lay offs at your work. How about being downsized (aka let go) or long term illness? We are hard wired by God to be active and productive. It is no different for the soldier. It was all we knew! Sure! the down time can be effectively used for training to keep sharp… but you can only do that for so long. Soon, bickering started. Soldier would argue with soldier and sometimes even fights would break out. Worst of all was if one of your unit ended up doing something utterly stupid and getting arrested!!

People!!!! it isn’t really any different for we warriors for Christ! We are called and equipped to DO!…and yet, there comes times when you aren’t part of the “mission” team. For me, it was because of my own sin. God set me aside and started to re-build and restore me. The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Philippi and told them that he had learned…did you read that??? God had to keep on working in Paul so that he finally LEARNED to be content (Greek word means self-sufficient) in ANY circumstance.content-in-all-circumstances

Thankfully, our “self-sufficiency” really and truly is HIS sufficient grace – and it is available to ALL believers who call out to Him to continue providing it. That applies whether we are on active duty for Him or on rest. Right now, for me that inactive duty is comprised of me working secular jobs and really not doing much of anything I (strongly underlined!!!! lol) want to do for Him. There is a very good reason why the word “rest” is used in the Bible over 500 times!!..because we have to LEARN how to rest in Him. Rest ensures that we rust out for Jesus and not burn out!!! A soldier who is constantly busy “doing the Lord’s work” pays a hefty price. Not all missions are OUR missions. There are many who are part of this Warrior Band for Christ!!! Let them take this one…you go and recharge your Spirit by spending time in His Spirit!!! When the time comes, be eager to yell out with me to our Commander in Chief – the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, “Good to go!!” 


A Good Soldier

The apostle Paul writes to a new “soldier” – Timothy, in 2Timothy 2 and tells him to not get entangled in the affairs of everyday life. Well, sometimes, we as soldiers have to be involved in them. I believe the warning is for them not to entangle; or be our predominant focus. Lately, in my rebuilding and starting over again, I have had to be concerned about the affairs of everyday life. Whether a soldier for real or a soldier for our King of Kings, we have to eat. We have to have a way of providing for ourselves and have a roof over our head. The key for all of us is to keep our deepest focus and love reserved solely for Yeshua, our Saviour and Commander! Even in writing this, I have to just use type. I have no access on this work computer to pictures…so I will have to use the 1000 words to paint the picture! lol

Relax! I won’t use a thousand words for this. Can some of you relate to my dilemma? We want to be working for the King, but, we need to be employed in secular jobs etc. Do you find yourself getting worried about bills and rent and food? Do those around you have little or no idea about what is important to God? For me, the secret to maintaining focus is my quiet time. I have little free time right now. What time I do have I find I read. This overnight job at the workout gym provides LOTS of time to read. ( the gym is open 24hrs a day). I can do laundry (towels) and tidy while I have a running convo with my Lord. Please be creative in how you can maintain your focus. I do see all of what I have been facing since I completely fell apart and had to allow the Holy Spirit to re-build me, as all part of being trained again to be a good soldier.

Even when I was in the military, there were occasions to re-visit my training to maintain a sharp edge and focus for upcoming missions. I KNOW that I will be used again for Him. In the meantime, I have been privileged to share a home with a brother in the faith who has needed a basket case like me to be the one to share what true living faith every day can be lived out. Because of what the well meaning believers in the past have done to him, he was very jaded and now is starting to see how he can be himself as he puts ALL things into God’s hands and lets Him show how to live and act as only HE wants us to live…not some creed or church or group of wannabe soldiers for the Kingdom. I cannot thank so many of you enough for your ongoing prayers and encouragement as I go through this re-build. You mean a lot to me. I feel supported and not as alone as I thought. Please keep Joe and his 4 year old autistic son in your prayers. He needs them to grow strong in Him and become truly a “good soldier”. After Jan 1 I will once again have internet every day in my new apartment ( a carriage house). May our God uphold and strengthen each of us by His Word, His Spirit and His songs in the night.





Many of you may recognize/know this symbol. It has become both more frequent in posts and sentiments by citizens in the US. It appears that it is the “natural” (read secular) response to the increase presence of evil and those that act in it. Permit me to go on record that I am NOT anti gun (well duh!! obviously lol). BUT…as believers, let me ask you…do we show the same vehement stand toward abortion, toward CORE education, toward the absolute shredding of  Biblical morals in our world? What about our Bibles?  Do we say the same thing?…Will we defiantly stand for Christ and say that those who do evil will have to pry our Bibles out of our cold, dead hands?? I hope the answer for you is a resounding YES!! Warriors need to stand resolute on the front line and say NO FURTHER Satan…Yeshua is King and Lord of ALL! You will NOT triumph….you will NOT take any more ground in my life or those I love. Oh he will try! I know this personally. The Word of God is TRUE and the promise WILL be upheld by God…that “now weapon formed (by the evil one) will prosper against you! (Isaiah 54:7). I am going to take a risk here and say that it applies ONLY if we remain true to Yahweh and abide in Him.

So, my fellow warriors…..keep your guns handy…yes!….but please display that same fortitude and resolute stand for all of GOD’S standards too! May He use and bless each of you this day as you stand for Christ in how you live and how you speak!



So, you believe that as warriors for the King of Kings, you are all part of ONE unit right? Yep, that is what I thought too….until recently. Within the military, your achievements and skills, following orders and good conduct all go toward whether you are promoted. Those promotions are for both the non-coms as well as the officers. The reverse is also true! Nothing, but NOTHING is as embarrassing as watching a fellow soldier “lose their stripes”. It can cause a loss of morale in the unit and it certainly negatively impacts the one who is “rir’ed”…or reduced in rank.

The Bible is VERY clear that no matter what we do – short of grieving the Holy Spirit – we are forgiven by our Heavenly Father. IF we truly repent, confess our sin(s) and ask Him to cleanse us anew. Remember when the disciples came to Jesus and asked how many times they were to forgive each other?. Jesus’ answer was in essence, to infinity and beyond! After all, He does doesn’t He? Well, permit me to ask you…does forgiving each other follow the same line? Does forgiveness include FORGETTING and encouraging full restoration to the “unit”? By my reading of Scripture – example after example is given that the answer to both questions is a resounding YES!!!!

Imagine, if you will, that you and I are in the early church in Jerusalem. The news comes that another Israelite has come to Yeshua!!..We cheer and thank God……..then the newsbearer tells us his name. PAUL???? You mean THE Paul?….the hunter and murderer of believers?? NO WAY am I going to accept him!  You can understand that we would naturally feel this way!

 Well, my dear fellow soldiers, I AM THAT SOLDIER. I have been “reduced in rank” – and for a while I felt I was completely dishonourably discharged from His army. My sin – that hurt a number of His children – ones who trusted me and counted me as one of them – caused that reduction in status. I KNOW I am forgiven. I KNOW that I have repented and confessed that sin to those I wronged. ( Now don’t go getting all curious and focusing on the “Gee! I wonder what it was??” That doesn’t matter!  What I have been feeling is COMPLETE ostracization. Am I feeling a bit sorry for myself?. Yeah, you could say that. I am – on humbled knee asking those who read my blog to accept me once again.


I am asking to be part of the unit once more. I know I will not ever achieved the “rank” I once had. That is okay. There is an old adage that goes like this: doorkeeperSo, dear believers…can you do that? Can you accept a fallen warrior once again?




It is weird how God allows our minds to work. Much of what has kept me away from sharing posts over the last while has been His purifying and cleansing of me. I will tell you straight. If I made as many mistakes while in the military as I have over the last 4 months, many who served with me would be dead -and so would I. Sin, when given into, destroys and costs! Yes, I am forgiven – both by our King and by those I’ve hurt. I’ve been reading in social media, lamestream news and even some teachers I listen to on Youtube all about this rumour of war and this horrible event. If it isn’t political hucksterism and sleaze then it’s Syria/Russia/Antarctica…whatever and wherever you choose to insert a word!

Here is the bottom line for me: Because there are ALWAYS consequences for sin..I am now depending on the charity of fellow believers for a roof and food. Thank God for them…and for not judging. I am starting all over again…seeking employment etc. You know what? YAY!!!! All that means is that HE can be the author of my next chapter and not me. BUT…the chapter is one day long. Pardon? you say?…whatever do you mean? No different than missions or assignments I was on. All you have is today –  and like the reminder Jesus gave us in the verse I pictured, even today has enough struggles in it. Concentrate…sharpen the focus on your scope to only see today. Take your “shot” at wrapping yourself in Him; obeying His precepts and commands; follow the Spirit in what you are to say and do….all for just one day.

TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION!  Not only for us BEING saved and grown each day, but, maybe just maybe someone He brings into your path!

So, if you want to focus on codes, and prophetic utterances and end times layout from Scripture? Good on ya!! Keep on doing your thing…BUT don’t lose sight of the paramount truth of our redemption……IT COULD BE TODAY!!! Do NOT be like the fool I’ve been and fritter away days, weeks and months in vain pursuit and sin!!! DO NOT!!!!! Throw yourself on Him. Plead for His fire of cleansing and renewal to sweep ALL of you clean and SERVE under His command – for just one day. Should He bless you with tomorrow?…SERVE Him – for just one day.

Open before You


I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I had already used 3 Kotex pads (those old “bulky” pads were simply the best field dressings ever!!!). A fair amount of blood had spilled by the time the medics came. Waking up in a field hospital and then again in the military hospital in Landstuhl Germany was but a foggy memory. I was informed that another soldier had freely chosen to donate blood right there in the field hospital. Really? I thought we had ample supplies of O pos blood – after all, it is the most common. This variable and that circumstance led to not enough of it in supply. What a “coincidence”! Right? HAH!!! Our God is NOT the God of happenstance!

Blood Transfusion.jpg

So, Doc, you are telling me that a perfect stranger willingly chose to give me their life saving blood; is that correct? The answer was a simple “Yes”.

Hey Warriors!! Does this ring a soul deep chord with you? Not only did our Savior SHED His blood for you and me; not only does that blood stand as the sin offering to a righteous and HOLY God; He INFUSES us with Himself!..HIS BLOOD, if you will – in the form of the indwelling Holy Spirit! JESUS CHRIST – the PERFECT stranger. Is that all He still is? Just a person you read about in a Bible? Is He solely the One you were told about in Sunday School or at Gramma’s knee? TODAY!! Re-dedicate yourself to this Savior and Captain of your salvation! Draw so intimately close to Him that He is everything  BUT a stranger. He gave His life and His blood for us. WE CHOOSE!!!!!!!! TO GIVE HIM OUR WHOLE LIFE. If necessary? even our own blood spilled in defence of the faith.

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Build UP that Wall!!!!


Remember this quote? Think back! The date was June 12, 1987. For some of us, that really wasn’t that long ago. Walls – we all can think of some variation of that word and a mental picture that we associate with it. There are lovely garden walls, there is the Great Wall of China, and there are walls that we put up internally. Some walls are good to have. Some walls are not. The Berlin Wall divided Germany into East (Communist) and West. The quote and sentiment expressed by former President Reagan echoed the thoughts and prayers of many democracy loving people around the world.

Now, I want you to go back with me even further in history. The time? Fifth century B.C. The place? Jerusalem. The circumstances? Just near the end of the Babylonian captivity. Look at the following passage of Scripture, taken from Nehemiah 4:

15When our enemies heard that their plot was known to us, and that God had frustrated it, we all returned to the wall, each to his work. 16From that day on, half of my servants worked on construction, and half held the spears, shields, bows, and body-armour; and the leaders posted themselves behind the whole house of Judah, 17who were building the wall. The burden-bearers carried their loads in such a way that each laboured on the work with one hand and with the other held a weapon. 18And each of the builders had his sword strapped at his side while he built. The man who sounded the trumpet was beside me.19And I said to the nobles, the officials, and the rest of the people, ‘The work is great and widely spread out, and we are separated far from one another on the wall. 20Rally to us wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet. Our God will fight for us.’

Nehemiah's Wall.gif


This photo is an actual archaelogical dig! The wall and the story contained in Scripture is NOT a fairy tale or legend or just some nice memory handed down through the generations!

There comes a time in every believers’ life battles to tear down things – our self made idols, dreams and hopes; and a time to build up – fellow warriors, God directed tasks and each others’ faith. The time to build UP is NOW!!! With “weapons” (think WHOLE armor of God) in one hand and the tools of whatever job/ministry/task He gives you in the other. The evil one prowls around seeking to tear down our marriage, our faith, our testimony and our mission. WE are called – no, scratch that, we are COMMANDED to build up one another in the faith. Divisive talk, theological sniping and denominational (I choose to see that word as “demon”-ational prejudice have been awesome schemes that the evil one and his minions are using.

WARRIORS!!! Strap on your weapons and pick UP your task/tools/calling and BUILD.





Assistance Requested


I apologize in advance for using this blog post for this, but, I am directed to reach out. I have been tasked with writing out all these posts and submitting them in manuscript form to Christian Faith Publishing. I have no idea how to take all the separate posts on here and collating them into another format – file.  If any of you tech savvy fellow believers know how I can accomplish this, please send me a private message. I thank you for any assistance rendered.